I’m not sure if everyone will know these two. They’re part of the Sanrio Enterprise which created Hello Kitty. The Little Twin Stars came out a year later in 1975 but when I think of them, I think of the 80s which is when they had their day, here in the U.S. anyway. I’ve wanted to do this since the twins’ very first Halloween but just got around to it. I think it would make such a sweet costume for boy/girl twin babies. Little white infant gowns, a yellow star pillow under the boy and his pink ribbon and if wigs are too much, a pink and a blue baby cap would work too. Voilà! So here they are, Harris as Kiki and Scarlett as Lala, my own little twin stars.


I had to share some of the outtakes. Another benefit with babies is that your son may not give you this look of absolute disgust when you put him in it. Hahaha. He is not amused!


Oh but how quickly that changed. This was put together rather hastily, as they always are. But you can see this blue thing is not really a wig. Just a hair piece. He kept pulling it down over his face and thought that was hilarious. Scarlett’s like “welp, that Harris.”


See this is all in good fun. We always end up cracking up at some point. And this comb over!!! Fabulous!


A little picture of the originals. Aren’t they cute? These need to be more popular! I adore them.


Just for grins, here’s a couple of super early Stellaweens when Stella was Hello Kitty. This was from 2011! Six years and probably 100 costumes ago.