Consider this a prelude to the week ahead. What’s planned anyway. As always, I reserve the right for spontaneity. So today we’ll flashback to 2014 when Stella and Scarlett did a flashback to 1983. This was one of my favorites. Here’s the original post:

For those of you who don’t remember or are too young to, Cabbage Patch kids were huge in the 80s. They were the Playstations, or whatever the hot thing is these days, of that time. Parents began to fight over these things. They couldn’t keep them on the shelves. So there’s your retail history for the day.

I know it’s overdone and there are tons on the web done better but with Scarlett’s big cheeks I couldn’t resist. So Stella is the rioting mom who is proudly and almost psychotically posing with her new prized position. She looks rough and fought hard for that doll but you should see the other guy! All this is stuff we had. I can’t crochet and those Cabbage Patch wigs are really expensive so I went to my old trusty box of wigs and found this ragdoll wig. I braided it and added the bangs. Those were a little tricky. Stella was supposed to have a bat and a wig also but we settled for this look. Stella had a lot of fun painting the box. It really is fun to put all this stuff together=)