This almost went into the “cannot be seen” file. I think we can all admit it’s not our best work. We have a re-enactment (sort of) of the most entertaining Olympic parents ever. Please tell me you’ve all seen clips of Aly Raisman’s parents. They’re infamous for their stressed out, nervous squirms from both the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. To do this as a costume, you gotta stay in character all night. Lots of awkward leaning, often in sync with one another. It’s extra great that at both events the mom was in blue and the dad was in the red polo shirt. That makes them instant recognizable characters. Have a third person in your group? They can dress as Aly. Or use another viral Olympic image such as the terrifying pre-race Micheal Phelps. Harris didn’t quite get the look but ¬†close enough. The photo of the real Phelps at the bottom¬†should be all you need to practice. Make this face ALL NIGHT. A blue hoodie is a must. And where appropriate, I’d suggest a pair of Speedos and wear as many gold medals as you can stand.


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