A friend of mine suggested we do this and I’m so glad we did. She was the original member of Van Halen and is now back with them. She’s also known as Sapphire Stella. Okay, just in case you missed the 80s and pretty much life since then, this is our version of David Lee Roth, who is also known as Diamond Dave. I didn’t think I’d like this costume as much as I do. Pardon our inaccuracies. We decided to do it this afternoon and the budget says to use what you got. Yep, there’s a purse even wrapped around her leg! Stella said “wow, he really likes to put things on his legs.” Indeed. The man seemed to have a love for bandannas too. We gathered every bandanna we could find. I think we’ll save this look and perfect it for Harris in the future.





Scarlett disappeared for a second and then she came back in wearing this orange wig. She wanted to get her picture made too! They do this a lot. I told her to come on in. It sort of works. She looks like a little fan at a meet and greet=)


Here’s a couple of images of the man himself. Hey Dave, if you ever need an understudy, call us;)