Stellaween started as 31 days of Halloween dress-up fun featuring a little girl named Stella.  It all began in 2010 as I, Stella’s mom, was looking for a fun project to keep us busy during the day.  I have always had quite an obsession with Halloween, so I figured this would be the thing for us to do. Stella was only nine months when we started, so she enjoyed it too, as much as a nine month old could anyway. Things have changed a bit since the beginning. In 2013 we welcomed Harris and Scarlett. Twins! Not being much of a prepared and organized mom, we had to cut the days back. I wanted to include the twins too but there was way too much chaos to go all 31 days. Now it’s 2016, Stella is a helpful six year old who loves putting these costumes together and the twins are now three so this year we’re attempting to put something out there everyday. Attempting being the key word. It’s still chaos but everyone’s having a great time.

When we started, we had already acquired tons of Halloween costumes and apparel through gifts and hand-me-downs, but I loved the challenge of putting other little things together using what we had on hand.  The first year Stellaween cost around $30 and $20 of that was spent on her main store bought costume, the garden gnome.  I love velcro, glue dots, safety pins, tulle and ribbon and prefer no-sew creations.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through the photos.  To view more of  my photography, please click here: September Morn Photography.