Please say you remember/know this movie? If not, let me refresh/inform you. A couple adopts a little boy, Junior, and as his grandfather says “He’s the devil himself.” The dad eventually admits that they have truly adopted Satan. Junior goes to a party and is dressed as a little devil. So we got our inspiration from his version. Poor Harris has ended up inĀ some form of a Lucifer costume a few times now. Bless him. Growing up I was always scared of devil costumes. But then about 10 years ago I dressed up as “I love Lucifer,” a devilish take on Lucille Ball. I guess it was a slippery slope and now I’ve passed the horns onto Harris. We were at the Halloween store when he got his hands on a pitchfork and from that moment, I knew he had to do this costume.

Of course I waited until the last minuteĀ and this is going to be his trick-or-treat costume. I didn’t see any like these for kids except for online and there’s no time for that. So makeshift it is. We had all things on hand except the hood, bow-tie and pitchfork. I bought one of the red ninja hoods from the dollar store and tweaked it a little with scissors and hot glue. Then painted a girls hair bow red with yellow polka-dots. My dad was kind enough to go out and get the pitchfork for us. As I’ve mentioned, Scarlett’s going to be a clown. Well, Harris’s teacher reminded me that Junior didn’t like clowns in the movie. Hated them. I thought they were going to be completely random and uncoordinated but turns out there’s a connection=)


He did not want to take these inside, as you can see from the picture above. So we went out for a sec to let the inner demons loose. Oh and he also insisted on these shoes. There’ll be more on those tomorrow.


A picture of Junior from the movie below. It’s currently on OnDemand but warning: you may not want your littles to watch and get any ideas=O