It’s Hashtag Throwback Thursday so we’ve got a throwback costume, but a new clown…and you know, the whole crazy clown epidemic across the country. Yikes! Back in 2012 I went all out and ordered this sweet custom¬†clown costume for Stella. Because of that, it was necessary to get my money’s worth and put Scarlett in it. I’m planning on this being her trick-or-treat costume but I am hesitant. This isn’t exactly the best year for the clowns. So she’s sad. She’s an innocent, non-threatening little clown. She doesn’t drive a van with no windows. Her weapon only shoots fabric that says “BANG!” The worst thing that could happen is she may ask you to smell a flower and then squirt water in your face. Or an animal balloon may pop. But seriously, she’s one of the good ones=)

Do you think there will be many clowns this year? Scary may not be the way to go this time. I think Harley Quinn will certainly be a popular choice though. I came close to putting Scarlett in it. Again, in a cute but very innocent way. What else will be big? For the kids, I’m betting Elena of Avalor. I would like to see someone doing her Day of the Dead episode dress. How about a bunch of Neegans running around? That’s from The Walking Dead for you non-watchers. Another one we almost did with Harris because the costume would be so easy. But after seeing that episode on Sunday, I just couldn’t bring myself to put him in it. That mental wound is too fresh. I foresee many, many Stranger Things characters. We don’t have Netflix so I haven’t even seen it, but I just know this will be popular. And last but not least, this shall be the year of the political costumes. Sooo many possibilities. The obvious: Hillary and Donald. We’ve got that covered.¬†I’ve had a few more pop in the brain but not sure how they’d be taken so putting my kids in them for Stellaween isn’t a good option I guess. But I can still share them with you if anyone needs some ideas=) These candidates have provided tons! I’m sick over the fact that we didn’t do a Bill Clinton with a mega load of balloons! Surely there will be a few of those. And here’s one of my super cheesy ones. It’s The Basket of Deplorables. Do you know the movie The Incredibles? Their outfits are pretty simple and easily identifiable. Just wear a D instead of an I. Grab an old basket or one from the thrift store (they always have TONS!) Cut the bottom out and wear around your waist. I told you it was cheesy! Oh there’s more but I’m going to stop now before I find myself in trouble;)

Don’t forget to hug a clown!



Okay, I admit it. The signs are creepy! They’re just Easter egg hunting signs. But yeah, I knew what I was doing. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little bit of a fan of creepy=)


A for real #tbt there. Swear, it’s not the same kid. They really favor each other! That’s Stella in 2012, about five months younger that Scarlett is in the pics above.