It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark.

Remember when we had to postpone a group costume earlier in the month and Amy Winehouse rescued us? Well here it is. It finally happened! If you know me, you probably know that I’ve been a lifelong Michael Jackson fan. Thriller just never gets old to me. I’ll think I’ve grown tired of it but then I hear it start and nope, it’s still incredible.

Harris is obviously a little MJ zombie and the girls are the zombie backup dancers. Their clothes were pretty easy to make happen but I’ve always put this off because I couldn’t afford the Jacko jacket. I saw a tutorial on how to make one out of duct tape! Great idea! But then I saw this little red track jacket at the thrift store and decided that would be much easier and just add some electrical tape. I made the extra panels from cutting up a kid’s Dollar Store apron and hot gluing them on. Since we were doing the zombie part, the imperfections worked out. Plus kids always have smeared makeup but when it’s zombie makeup it doesn’t even matter. Scarlett practically did her own=O


Oh his shoes. We didn’t have any penny loafers so again, more electrical tape! When we were done Harris and Rob went to Wendy’s and he insisted on wearing this makeshift jacket. lol