Going through some storage boxes I came across these old childhood toys. I hear they make great collectibles so I figured I’d sell them on ebay to some nostalgic type. That Teddy Ruxpin is unbelievably lifelike! It comes with a good as new book and the cassette tape in his back works pretty well. I’ll include a pencil because occasionally you’ll probably need to wind the tape. They’re coming out with a new version next year so he’s gonna be worth something. Get the vintage ones while you can! The Pound Puppy and Cheer Bear from the Carebears are in excellent used condition!

Okay, obviously I’m not actually auctioning these off on ebay. I realize it’s ridiculous to have to say that but you never know….

Teddy Ruxpin has been coming up a lot lately so Harris got the honors of playing this first of it’s kind toy. The bear suit we’ve had and then added a t-shirt, sleeveless shirt, logo and a little bit of extra hair to the top of the head. I found that book at the thrift store for 35 cents so I thought that was nice score. Speaking of, Scarlett’s outfit was a Halloween clearance outfit from last year. It is the softest thing ever! I think we got it for only $3 at Target. Stella’s was also a super cheap clearance outfit but it’s actually a panda costume. We took the leg covers, folded them over and attached to the head and then added a red ribbon with a craft foam heart we took off an old school project and added PP to it. I think it worked for $2.

All of the kids kept their costumes on forever after this shoot, despite the fact that it’s still really hot here. Even Harris. He wanted to keep on all 3 layers. So glad they enjoy this as much as I do.


Here’s a few outtakes and individuals.




Scarlett insisted on this pose. I only took it to humor her but lookie there, we can see the sweet little heart on the bear bottom! Details people, details!


Sad little Pound Puppy=(