Don’t worry. This is just for today. It was suggested that I let the kids dress me up. I’ve let them attack me with the makeup a couple times and taken a few pics but today I handed it all over to Stella. From the beginning idea, to choosing the costume and set and all the way to actually being the photographer. She started with me as a cat but that then evolved into “Crazy Cat Lady Going to Disney World and a Mouse.” Hahaha, it escalated out of control quickly. Monkey see, monkey do=) I’m probably going to have serious regrets for sharing these. I’m super late posting this because I could not get the images to load. I’m sure that was a sign from God that I ignored. It became a personal challenge and a must to be able to post these before midnight.

I think there’s a character in the making here. Somewhere between PBS and SNL. I’m available for birthday parties. Hahahaha;)

In retrospect, I probably should have tested a few shots and set up a tripod but I think for her first official shoot, the girl did good.



Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.


I thought Rob was going to take these but we ended up shooting during The AL v. TN game so I was clearly daydreaming. Luckily he did get up for a second to take this so our “artistic director” could be in it. Harris was determined to run in on it too. We need to teach him some better photobombing poses though.


I assumed it was over, but the fun couldn’t end there. Scarlett went all MUA at the end. Because washing face paint off of one more face is nothing, right? Thanks Miss Scarlett. And thank you Miss Stella for the fun switcheroo!