It’s Wednesday. Literally! Rob and I had a most frustrating conversation when I tried to tell him that tomorrow was going to be Wednesday. We were talking about Stellaween so I meant as in the costume. He said “Yes, I know…today is Tuesday, therefore tomorrow is Wednesday.” We kept going back and forth! Anyway, Wednesday is the perfect character for Stella. On the show, she’s six years old, takes ballet and is a dark, imaginative child. Sounds about right don’t you think?

Oh and the doll! That’s Marie Antoinette. We already had a beheaded doll and she was French! That’s our little Disney girl from the It’s a Small World collection. Her head won’t stay on=( But now she’s found her purpose inĀ life the afterlife.



I had to do the black and whites as well for these. Stella liked them. She said the darker the better. Oh she makes me so proud. (I’m imagining myself as Morticia right now.)