Take me out to the ballgame, Take me out to the crowd!

They’ve done it! The Cubs are in the World Series which starts tonight. I was trying to decide on a costume to reflect this awesome news. We’ve already had two bears so strike that. I don’t have any uniforms just laying around. Strike two. But then it came to me: Harry Caray! Home run! He was a long-term announcer for the Cubs back in the day. We already had the white hair spray, the glasses and got to recycle last year’s Trump outfit. I covered the tie with some awesome plaid duct tape. I see that tie getting layers and layers of duct tape over the years. Harris was glad to do it and a fine job he did. Though, we may have stumbled over to the Will Ferrell version just a tad=)



Someday, the Chicago Cubs are gonna be in a World Series – Harry Caray