This is a flashback to 2013 when Harris was just over three months old. Look at him and Azrael trying to catch those smurfs. And I guarantee you he would have tried to eat them had he caught them! Since we’ve done so many toys and cartoon characters from the 80s this week, I thought Saturday would be fitting to see ol’ Gargamel again.

How do you like those fancy graphics skills? So realistic right??


While digging this up, I came across a few more pictures that I don’t even remember taking. I was in the new babies fog. I guess you could say I still am.

Sweet little skully sisters in their girly Halloween threads.


Stella and Harris – Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet


This is how the twins looked on Halloween night. Another version of the peach and the peach picker. A very Georgia-appropriate costume don’t you think?


And one last one from 2013. This was a blurry shot of Stella as Strawberry Shortcake at Boo at the Zoo. One of my clients gave me that costume and it was so cute! I guess it’s time for Scarlett to put it on.