I assume that anyone who’s read the comment section of almost anything online has seen a bizarre, rude comment and then someone steps in and calls them a troll. Well, that’s the footnote for this costume. I picture someone sipping coffee in an internet cafe hiding behind their laptop and their anonymous user name. And clearly, they must look like a 1980’s Treasure Troll;) I’ve had this on my to-do list for years but always skipped it over. This has been a big year for some internet trolls so I figured why not?

Obviously Stella doesn’t know anything about this concept but she does like the little Trolls so she was down. I just like to add a silly little spin in there when I can.

If anyone is curious about her hair, there are a few tutorials on YouTube. We found one where they place a plastic bottle on the head and bring all the hair up around it. Stella’s hair is very long, thin and she’s tender headed. Plus I’m pretty sure we had 500k mph winds outside, so ours struggled a little. But I think this could be pretty easy to pull off. Very fun, especially after adding the spray color.

Now don’t be a troll and go writing any nasty comments under this;)