Toddler down! Last minute changes! We had to postpone today’s costume due to Scarlett coming down with something awful. My unprofessional diagnosis is croup. She keeps asking for more medicine and just looks pitiful=( But the show must go on! So at the last minute I decided that Stella should be Amy Winehouse! Why hadn’t I already thought of that is beyond me. The catch was the hair. I thought how can we pull this off without going out and buying a specific Winehouse wig?? But frugality triumphs! I just put four smaller wigs together. Yes, Stella is literally wearing FOUR wigs on her head! And no, I don’t think we’ve gone this scandalous looking since Catwoman but eh, what are you gonna do? She looks adorable if you ask me=)

As you can see, this week we’re continuing a theme honoring a few special musicians who are gone but not forgotten. Sadly, Amy joined that “27 club” back in 2011. But she still left a mark here with her deep, soulful music. Not to mention her signature style in fashion as well. Now go put on some of her music and enjoy the evening.

Oh and I’ll be offering free tattoos! Don’t you love my freehand, pre-k style? Cleans lines and proportionate art is so last year!