Stella asked to be a princess. Shocker, right? Well that’s fine. But you know I’m going to have add to it. So the logical thing to do is make Harris a black eyed “P.” It’s a play on words with the children’s story The Princess and the Pea, hence the bed in the back. I’ve seen the black eyed pea done a lot but not with the princess and there may be good reason for that. I’m open to that=) I think it would actually be a good couple’s costume for when one likes to dress up and the other doesn’t. This P thing is pretty low key.

Harris’s outfit was super easy and free. I used the foam P from their alphabet play mat and just covered it in black tape and added the first black string thing I saw. Then some black makeup around his eye. Since he’s just one, I didn’t get close to the eye and took it off right after the pic. As far as Stella, well there’s nothing crafty nor thrifty on this one. I like to buy her one nice costume for actual trick or treating. We got it at TJMaxx so it wasn’t terrible. ($25) Plus it fits better than all the play princess dresses she’s had. Hopefully it will hold up better those others as well and can be used again.

Yep, she’s quite the little actress isn’t she?


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