Yes poor Twiggy. No worries. In case you cannot tell, which I’m sure you can, this is a digital dye job. *I’ve come back to edit this. I feel the need to go on further about this terrible photoshop job. It looks like I used Paint. I rushed through it thinking it wouldn’t matter but it does. I should have known it would activate my OCD and it has. Yep, I’m crazy. I think you all gathered that from the get-go though. Stella thought it looked good. So at least it’s four year old approved=) *Okay, that’s all for now. Back to original text: I LOVE knickers! It makes me sad that they aren’t the style of today’s golfers. I’ve actually had my eye on Harris’s outfit for a while. When I saw it at a consignment shop, I couldn’t pass it up. Twiggy was going to be the caddy but I thought putting green with a little flag would be so much better! I couldn’t get her to hold the ball in her mouth as I had pictured in my head. I’m just impressed that Harris left his hat on! And I’d like to mention my lovely assistant, Stella, who stood behind me and helped generate that incredible smile on his face=)


Also, I didn’t get this in to throwback but how about a Flashback Friday? It’s a thing. It’s just not as popular as the #tbt thing. It’s the twins from last year dressed as the Georgia Peach and the Peach Picker. The photo we put up last year was of Stella and Scarlett. This was pretty cute too though.