My favorite Halloween costume has always been the witch. Every year I had to be one. Some may say it’s unoriginal. I say it’s timeless. So here’s Scarlett looking like a mini Stella. It’s yet another outfit from a consignment sale. This costume is worth far more than the four bucks I spent. It’s Koala Kids and I must say that I’m very impressed with the quality. It’s big though so we may just get another year out of it.





I had to add this one. She’s casting a spell onto the flying pumpkin! Or pretending it’s a ball. Tomato, Tomato. (Writing that in no way gets the point across like saying it.)


Stella was back assisting again. See it’s always Stellaween even when she’s behind the scenes.



As you can see she’s a wearer of many hats=)


Silly girl and I love her.