From day one I said we will not do Thing 1 and Thing 2. Ever. It was too expected but it was also too easy not to do it. We had gotten these souvenir shirts at the beach this summer so of course, Dr. Seuss it is. But it turned out the twins weren’t too into the idea either. Especially Scarlett. So pretty much all I got were outtakes today.

The Cat’s hat was made from a paper towel roll cut in half vertically, then horizontally and taped back together to be wider. Covered it in felt. I ran out of white felt before I could put it on her belly but then remembered I had that white yarn stuff and it was perfect. (I’m resisting doing a purrr there.) I again used that little bread bag twist tie tip I mentioned yesterday. Needle and thread would have been more ideal here but who has time to thread a needle? The rest are just pieces that we’ve used before and keep around in the costume box.

The troublemakers are wearing sleeves from an old sweater turned into a hat. I didn’t have a lot of blue boa so I figured I’d do mohawk style. Scarlett hated it.


What’s so funny here is that they’re dancing. And it’s to that techno sounding Microsoft commercial song again. I love Harris’s moves for this! He usually goes to another room to dance and quits when you see him. Very bashful. But this is his jam=)