Just in time for tonight’s game (to be ending) we’ve got an Alabama cheerleader, Coach Nick Saban and our awesome mascot Big Al-y=) Last I checked we were ahead of the TN Volunteers so hopefully we’ll win tonight. It looks like Coach Saban is about to get mad and that cheerleader is hiding being the mascot. Haha.

Today’s costumes turned out to be a first world nightmare for me. I couldn’t find the cheerleader skirt anywhere. I could file a report saying that we had been broken into and no questions would be asked. I completely ransacked the entire house. Finally found it in storage in the 2T box saved for next year. I should probably take that as a sign to give it up but I can’t. This is our thing. It’s kind of an addiction for me. The photo was only supposed to be Big Al and the cheerleader but I started thinking we really need Saban. I had an old purse that belonged to my mom and I noticed the strap was breaking. It was perfect to use as the coach’s signature belt! Rob had the headset from doing some telecommuting work. Then I had the “brilliant” idea of wrapping our toy football in bubble wrap to make it the championship trophy. That’s Nick’s other signature accessory;) But of course, I forgot all about it when we started shooting. Like I said,brilliant, right? But I got him to pose for a quick shot with it at the end. I think if you spent enough time on it, it might not look so bad.

The cheer outfit was used back in our second year I think. It was a handmedown from a friend. I tried to get her to wear the giant bow in the individual pic. It got pictured. On the ground. Get what you get, right??? And the Big Al was a handmedown from my sister’s kids. We added a bow to that too because well, it’s the south. We like bows. Oh when I finally found that skirt, I also found an extra cheer dress. It just so happened to be just Twiggy’s size. I just want to say that she’s gotten just as good as Stella at this. I guess she should. She’s been doing it for five years as well. They’re veterans!

So Roll Tide!