Get it? Because of the cooking show “Kitchen Nightmares”  and then a cruller is a type of pastry. Yes, this is the epitome of cheesy but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Poking fun of scary things is a great coping mechanism so I thought what’s scarier than baking in the kitchen? Ha, seriously I’m not a good cook so it’s frightening for everyone. Freddy adds the comic relief. The apron and hat are both from Hobby Lobby. They were on sale for just $2 each! I’m hoping I can do something cute with the apron for Christmas just to get extra use out of it. I painted the stripes with a puffy green fabric paint and the hat was done with brown and black markers. I also turned her oven mitt inside out and used a brown marker on it and then added craft foam for Freddy’s crazy knife nails poking through. She was getting into this one. Probably because more doughnuts were involved. I also want to thank my awesome husband for shooting this while I stood on the side trying to keep red icing off our carpet. Oh and yes, our favorite little monster, Jason, is hanging out in the oven.

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“Welcome to my kitchen!” Looking a little more jolly in this one.

A little behind the scenes action before we started.

This was just a test photo Rob took, but I like it.