Harris is appearing today as the legendary wrestler André the Giant. He was one of my favorites. Before I was even pregnant I said a boy would be cool so I could dress him up as André . Yep, terrible but true. I knew he wouldn’t have the hair but I figured he would be a little more plump. I hope one day he looks back at this and laughs.

The “leotard” is an old black bodysuit that I just cut. I used the arms to extend the length of his socks. The boots were old hand-me-downs that have made a few appearances in Stellaween. A few years ago we went to a Thrasher’s game and they gave these awesome mullet wigs to the first few hundred people or so. I cut it up a little (or a lot and not too well) for this pic and tried to add a little makeup for André ‘s iconic chops. And I attempted to make a championship belt out of ribbon, craft foam and gold wrapping paper. I did not make it “Harris-proof” though so it didn’t last too long.