Today we have the obligatory boy + girl twin costume, Raggedy Ann and Andy. It’s also the ultimate DIY costume so it was a no brainer that it must be done. My very first costume was Raggedy Ann and Stella also did it for the first Stellaween. It’s a tradition now.

And yep, another awesome photoshop job. I’m not even going to pretend. Can you tell I don’t typically do fake lashes and green dogs in my work? They had the makeup on and it looked soooo cute. But as soon as they saw each other, they knew what I had just done. They rubbed it off each other and then themselves. I should have known better.

All this stuff is obviously just stuff from the closet. Harris is wearing the hair from the first year though, which was just a few strands of yarn tied together under the hat. But there is an incredible tip I must share. I learned it from watching the new show The Real. They said you can put a button back on using a twist tie from sandwich bread!!! You just strip it down to the wire and then push it through. It was the easiest thing ever!

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Here are a couple of outtakes showing how they rubbed all their makeup off. Man, one year olds! They were having fun though. We played the music from the Microsoft Surface commercial. They love to dance to it! (I kind of do too.)


And here’s a little look back at a few of my favorites over the years.