If you’re a fan of the incredible Prince, then it won’t take long to recognize our literal take on a few of his greatest hits. I was devastated by the loss of this great artist this year and so here is our little tribute to him and the awesome music he made for us all.

As you can see, someone is missing in the group shot. Harris just wasn’t in the mood to party like it’s 1999, or ever for that matter. A straight jacket for “Let’s Go Crazy” would have been a more appropriate costume for the toddler tantrum he was having yesterday. But he eventually came through. The kid just does things on his terms.



Ha! He looks like he may have partied too hard.


I think he’s trying to find a signal for his Nokia.


“When Doves Cry”

She loved this costume and wanted to keep it on half the day.


“Raspberry Beret”

Of course Twiggy has to be in some of these too. And you know our love of finding things in a “second hand store.”


“Purple Rain”

This was my first favorite Prince song. I can remember listening to it on my purple tape player when I was five. So naturally I love this costume. We tried doing it with purple LED lights in the cloud, which was fantastic but just too heavy for little Scarlett. Maybe I’ll save that idea for myself=)




When we thought Harris wasn’t going to participate, the girls jumped right in and had their own little party.