This is a Halloween countdown, so we needed a little more of the creepy factor at some point. Although, Stella dressed as a frozen Jack is sort of funny too. We’ll just tell her that he was trying to find Elsa. Anyway, the house we bought last year has a couple of similarities to this movie. One I best not say because the word is that you ain’t supposed to give away your whereabouts to folks on the internets, so just take my word for it there’s common ground. And second, when we did our final walk-through we noticed REDRUM had been written on the back of one of the doors in the house. So naturally I embraced it and had to add it to our Stellaween collection. In case you don’t remember what redrum is, because I know you’ve all seen the film, it’s murder backwards. Creeepy=0

The Grady Twins – Since we actually have our own twins, maybe they should have played this part. But Harris. Nothing wrong with it. He’s been in his sisters dresses before, and I’m sure they’ll put him in them again, but it was easier to go this route. After all, two Stella’s isn’t so bad.


And the terrifying Jack out in the snow. Horrors!


I decided to come back and add a little over/under comparison. Not a bad Jack Nicholson for a six year old girl, right?! All I know is that I plan to sleep with one eye open.